Our Process

  • 1.

    Discovery Call

    We will use this 15 minute Discovery Call to ensure our services match your needs. If we are not a match we will make every effort to refer you to a firm or service that does. If we are a good fit, we will schedule an Initial Meeting.

    To schedule a Discovery Call, click here

  • 2.

    Initial Meeting

    We will meet face to face or virtually to get to know you better and make sure all your questions are answered about our services and the process. We will discuss your goals, overall needs, and plans. This meeting will act as the springboard into HWM completing a plan for you. After this meeting you will be provided a quote for the financial planning project.


  • 3.

    Financial Planning

    Whether it’s a Comprehensive Financial Plan or Investment Analysis, this step involves a deep dive into your financial situation. Over a number of weeks we will work with you to analyze and answer questions such as: Can our investment portfolio be improved? Can we save money on taxes? Are we on the right track? Can we make changes to improve the future outcome? 

    The “game plan” is presented to you by our team during a 1-3 hour meeting.  This meeting provides the foundation on which we work for you in an ongoing advisor client relationship. 

  • 4.


    At this stage we have together uncovered which of our services best matches your needs for our ongoing asset management: Wealth Management or Horizons Managed Portfolios. We will assist in the decision by reviewing pros and cons of each service. For Wealth Management clients 100% of the plan fee is credited back. We prepare the documentation required to open, transfer, link and begin managing your investment portfolio.