Portfolio Management Services

This service is for investors who could benefit from our asset management while their comprehensive financial planning needs are less frequent and complex.  This financial service is appropriate for individuals who are primarily interested in investment management but do not yet need an all-inclusive wealth manager.  This could also be a solution for those who want to invest but are still in the wealth accumulation phase of their lives.  Our Horizons Managed Portfolios service helps investors with their financial goals by providing asset management at a low cost. We’ve found that clients with $200,000 or more work best with this service. 

Before we invest your assets, we typically work to create your comprehensive financial plan.  We then work with you to determine an optimal investment portfolio that matches your financial goals and risk tolerance.  Your funds will then be invested in a diversified, efficient, and low-cost portfolio, which is automatically rebalanced as determined by Horizons Wealth Management.  You will have 24/7 online account access to your portfolio and statements. 

For this service, we do not serve as your full-time wealth manager; however, we know it is still helpful to have access to a Certified Financial Planner.  Most people are not comfortable with trusting only computers or robots to manage their assets or provide sound financial advice; that’s why we do not remove the human element from this investment service.   We are always on hand to assist our Horizons Managed Portfolio clients with their financial questions on an hourly basis ($300/hour).  For projects that are in excess of an hour, we would quote a flat fee upfront.

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Are Horizons Managed Portfolios Right For You?

  • You have at least $200,000 to invest.
  • You are comfortable with 24/7 online account access, electronic statements, and minimal paperwork.
  • Your financial situation is not complex and your financial planning needs are not frequent (no individual stocks, no estate tax concerns, non-complicated tax situations, etc.).  

Horizons Managed Portfolio Fees:

  • Asset management fee = 0.50% /yr.
  • Initial account set up fee
  • Brokerage fees .10%-.18%
  • Hourly for additional services $300/hr.

Next Steps

We welcome anybody to sit down and interview us about our firm and our services for absolutely no fee for the first hour.  Contact us today to start the conversation or schedule a free initial meeting.

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