Our Team at Horizons Wealth Management

Horizons Wealth Management offers a team approach to financial planning.  We allow you to work hand-in-hand with more than one advisor. At HWM, we take a true team approach to working with our clients. We believe in the adage that “three heads are better than one.” Glen, David and Susan work together to develop financial plans and manage investment portfolios. All three Certified Financial Planners™ are available to address your financial planning and investment needs.

We have time and resources to individualize and customize each client’s financial plan, retirement plan, investments and portfolio management.  Some advisors serve thousands of clients, limiting strategic investment research, innovative planning, efficiency, and personal relationships.  Our low advisor to client ratio is ideal to ensure that your needs are met in a prompt manner.

Your Team


We Are Available

At Horizons Wealth Management we expect to be with you for a long time.  We want to help you live your dreams and pass on your legacy.

Many other potential advisors will retire before you expire. Think of a relationship with Horizons Wealth Management as a long-lasting solution. We feel that our age ranges provide you the perfect balance of experience and longevity. Our careers should be going strong to see you through retirement and possibly transition to working with your family’s next generation. This can be a powerful asset preventing you, your spouse, and your family from needing to start over building a new advisor relationship later in life.

We strive to treat every individual with respect, fairness, and integrity. Because of our high standards, we are confident our knowledge, skills, and superior quality services will become evident over time.


Your Future Is Important to Us

To provide our clients with the professional financial assistance they need to reach their dreams.

Horizons Wealth Management is committed to excellence and delivery of quality client service. That commitment will be upheld through generations by acting in your best interest. We are building a strong foundation for your future and your legacy through outstanding financial services, wealth management and business financial services.


Horizons Wealth Management fulfills its mission by upholding the following core values:

  • To be responsive and exceed client expectations
  • Absolute integrity and honesty in all relationships
  • Family focused work environment
  • Commitment to our communities with time, talent and financial support
  • Continuous learning and leadership development
  • Efficient and effective use of secure technology
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