Business 401(k) Services:

Business Retirement PlANS

Company Retirement Plans - 401(k) & Simple IRA

At Horizons Wealth Management we work together with businesses to create the highest quality and most cost-efficient retirement plans.

All too often, business owners and employees with 401(k) accounts are in the dark about their retirement plan costs. They view their retirement plan as a benefit and are unaware they’re paying for the privilege of investing for retirement. Many investors don’t realize that more than a half a dozen fees may be charged against their 401(k) account for record keeping, administration, investment advisory, brokerage and management services.

At Horizons Wealth Management, we feel certain that we can provide a better retirement plan with much lower expenses. With more cost-effective administration, coupled with lower management fees and investment expenses, these plans may be a very reasonable option for your business.

We would be grateful for the opportunity to run a free cost comparison and analysis for your company to illustrate how much can be saved in your retirement plan fees.


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