Prepare for Your Financial Freedom

Whether you are new to investing, or just not in need of a full time investment manager, we can offer you a better way to manage your funds. In partnership with Motif Investing (named the most innovative personal finance company of 2015 by Fast Company) we now offer services for management of portfolios with no asset minimum. 

Think of this service as a ‘robo-investor plus.’  You set up and access your portfolio online, and we automatically rebalance your investments according to Horizons Wealth Management's customized portfolios. And if you need it, we have credentialed advisors on staff to provide a helping hand for a reasonable hourly fee. 

By opening a Motif account through Horizons Wealth Management, you have access to:

  • Our professionally managed portfolios (we are not outsourcing this to an algorithm!)
  • Personalized risk analysis and investment guidance
  • Quarterly evaluations with rebalancing as necessary
  • Efficient, low-cost trading
  • Low fees (0.25% up to $100,000)
  • 24/7 online access to your portfolio's performance

As a fee-only investment advisory firm we are held by fiduciary standards to act in your best interests. 

Here's our easy step-by-step guide to getting you started on the road to financial freedom! 


Go to the Motif website and explore. Note that when you set up your account through us you will have a different portal with access to our own managed portfolios (aka 'motifs'). 


Take our Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.


We will email you our Investment Policy Statement and our Investment Advisory Agreement with a default portfolio as indicated by your Risk Tolerance score. (The suggested portfolio is a starting point and can be changed). Read through, sign where indicated (digital signatures are OK, no printing required) and return to us.  


We will send you a link to Motif to open your account. Complete the fields a directed. You will complete:

  • Personal contact information (including a street address not a PO Box, which is required by law);
  • Employment information;
  • Financial background information (the NYSE and NASDAQ Real-time Quotes sections are required by law. If you are a 'Nonprofessional Subscriber' (ie do not work in the financial services industry), read the disclosures then check the three boxes under the NYSE information and the one box under the NASDAQ information;
  • Read the T's and C's and type 'I AGREE' where indicated;
  • Submit and Finish.